Advanced TESOL Diploma Online

Learn the Theory and Methodology of TESOL online with Ontesol’s 250-hour TESOL Diploma. This program is the most comprehensive in the world before a DELTA or MA degree program.

Why spend $2,400 on a 4-week CELTA when you can get professional training online? The TESOL Diploma is accredited by ACTDEC UK and TESL Canada recognizes the program for Professional Standard 2 certification upon completion of a 20-hour Practicum.



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No Degree?

A university degree is now required in each of the top 20 TESOL destinations. Unfortunately, you cannot get a work permit in another country unless you have completed a 4-year degree.

People ask questions on TESOL forums, where replies are mostly generated by TESOL institutes, hence you won’t get reliable answers. There are a few countries where you can teach English with just a TESOL certificate. Since a degree is required to obtain the work permit, the best way to get an honest answer is to contact the embassy directly.

In Latin America, countries like Ecuador, Nicaragua, Colombia, and Brazil are more flexible when it comes to issuing the work permit.  In Asia, the best options are countries like Cambodia, India, and Indonesia. Again, contact the embassy for more information!



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What is Included in a TESOL Course?

The quality of a TESOL certificate course depends a lot in the number of hours and its accreditation. Accrediting organizations have a set of requirements that courses seeking recognition must meet.  In general, courses have to include Grammar, Phonology, and Methodology. While Grammar and Phonology are essential  for people to understand the rules of the English language, Methodology is the key component of a TESOL course because it teaches how to create lesson plans. Furthermore, a good TESOL course will teach you how to create lesson plans using the communicative approach or variations of communicative learning.  Some accrediting bodies, such as TESL Canada, require trainees to complete a 20-hour Practicum module.

Whether online or on-site, the level of training depends a lot on the institute and its accreditation. A 100-hour course that costs only $300 can get you a placement and give you the skills necessary for your first year on the job. More advanced certification is required for career TESOL teachers and Director of Studies that seek well paid positions worldwide. TESL Canada and Trinity CertTESOL are two of the best credentials worldwide.

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Choose Quality TEFL Online

TEFL courses are high in demand these days as young university graduates seek to escape the recession in Europe and North America.

South Korea, China, Taiwan, Thailand and Japan are the most popular destination for entry-level teachers because wages are high, the cost of living is low, and the cultural experience is very unique.

A 100-hour TEFL certificate course is the international standard for a TEFL position in these countries, but not every course is the same. There are plenty of TEFL courses created by people like you, who taught English in the late 1990′s upon graduation and created cheap online and seminar TEFL programs.

If you do a quick online search, you will find plenty of complaints about unfulfilled job promises, placement and internship programs that are more expensive than the courses themselves, and poorly written course material.

If the TEFL institute does not have any experience delivering advanced courses such as TESL Canada, Trinity CertTESOL, or CELTA,  its introductory course must offer very little value.



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Where Will You TEFL in 2012?

Travel the world, pay your student loan, learn a new language, and join over 300,000 TEFL teachers worldwide. TEFL certification can be completed online for under $300. Most schools require a TEFL certificate of at least 100 hours.

Native speakers with a university degree can work anywhere in the world. EU citizenship, however, is required to TEFL in most of Europe.

The average wage is $1,500 and most schools cover accommodation and other benefits. Some schools even cover airfare by the end of the year you can save approximately $5,000.

The average working week is 29 hours so you’ll have plenty of time to have fun and visit wonderful locations. You can even offer private lesson to make a significant difference. In Russia, for example, TEFL teachers earn $100 per hour tutoring private business lessons.

How about learning a new language? In today’s global economy, speaking two or even three languages is a necessity.  As a qualified TEFL teacher, you can find ways to learn a new language using many fun and communicative techniques.

You’ll meet lots of new friends from North America, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK, so you’ll never be alone.

Make friends with locals and teach each others language. Locals are the best tour guides! Travel together, watch movies, cook great foods, and exchange your culture in a fun and exiting way.

So, have you decided where you will TEFL in 2012? It’s very important to do some research and find the best TEFL course and recruitment services for you. Good luck!

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Hidden Gem TESOL Discount

Type TESOL blog on “How did you hear about us?” at Ontesol’s enrollment form and receive a 15% rebate on any of our accredited TESOL courses. Offer valid until December 31st, 2011. You can save $150 on the 250-hour TESOL Diploma! Enroll now, study online from the comfort of your home and receive an accredited TESOL certification.

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TESOL & Travelling

One of the great things about teaching English in another country is all the free time that TESOL teachers have. As contracts average 25 hours a week and those with a reputable TESOL certificate earn good money, teaching English is a great way to explore the World.

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Ontesol offers quality TESOL courses for an affordable price.  Save over $1,000 on your advanced TESOL course by taking Ontesol’s 250-hour TESOL Diploma online. Read more TESOL courses fees

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Quality TESOL Courses At An Affordable Price

Online TESOL certificate courses cost a lot less than on-site TESOL courses. Eliminating the need for bricks and mortar saves costs and the economies of scale that online education provides is significant enough to cut $1,000 on the tuition fee of an advanced TESL course. Depending on the TESOL course provider and its accreditation, online education can also improve quality. For example,  you have your own personal tutor that provides customized and direct feedback and the flexibility to complete the course at a slower pace.


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Ontesol’s Blog

Experienced teachers and teacher trainers have written excellent articles about travelling, job hunting, classroom advice, lesson planning, and more TESOL related topics at Ontesol’s blog. Find expert advice for your TESOL journey. Visit the TESOL Experts section on the home page.

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